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National Center for Tourism Information and Promotion - Neptun-Olimp

    Over 1000 children participate each year in the national Baby-basketball and Mini-Basketball tournaments, which take place between June and July in Mangalia. The young athletes, along with their signs and brightly coloured flags have a parade dressed in their team uniform, shouting their team’s name. The parade takes place in the vicinity of the Tourist Port, between the Nautical Club and Laguna Beach and throughout the contest, the sportsmen are accompanied by a military marching band and characters portraying the seven southern seaside resorts.

    The final tournaments for Baby-basketball and Mini-Basketball take place on the fields of Ion Banescu High School as well as the Pescarus Sports Centre. Its organizers are ASM Callatis MG, CS Admar and the Romanian Basketball Association. The tournament is organized in age groups from 8 to 12 for boys as well as for girls.