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National Center for Tourism Information and Promotion - Neptun-Olimp

Primaria Mangalia

Adresa: Şos. Constanţei, nr.13, 905500, Mangalia, România

Telefon: 0241.75.10.60, 0241.75.10.30


Neptun – Olimp

Mangalia-Olimp    It is situated close to the resort town of Mangalia, which it belongs to, from the administrative point of view. Located at a distance of approximately 43 kilometers from Constanta, Saturn attracts with several advantages that it offers to its tourists. The rich vegetation and tranquility as two of the characteristics that make Saturn to be sought by those who want a relaxing holiday away from busy life. All accommodation units are surrounded by green spaces and trees that provides fresh air and cool shades during hot summers. Another advantage is the presence of thermal and sulphurous springs and sulphurous mud with therapeutic value, both used in treating gynecological diseases and the locomotory affections . Unlike other resorts of the Romanian seaside, Saturn is an inexpensive location, and this makes more and more tourists to prefer it for summer vacations. In short, Saturn is a quiet summer resort full of greenery, where tourists can benefit fully from the beneficial effects of natural factors.


The Neptun-Olimp resort is situated in the Romanian south-eastern extremity, in an environment relatively rich in vegetation, in between Lake Neptun to the east and Comorova forest to the west, on the Black Sea shore, 7 km away from the municipality of Mangalia and 38 km from Constanta.

The Neptun-Olimp resort welcomes tourists with vast expanses of well-kept shrubbery, therapy centres and renovated hotels.

The Neptun-Olimp resort beach is different from other countries on account of its orientation towards the east and south-east (which determines Sun exposure of about 10 hours/day).

The climate is temperate with Mediterranean marine influences which cause spring to come earlier and autumn to be slightly late. Climate conditions, as a particularity, as opposed to the rest of the country, are situated around the isotherm value of 0 degrees Celsius in January, making it the area with the warmest winters in the region.

humidity: 100%
wind: 3 m/s NNW
H -3 • L -4





     The Neptun resort’s beach measures 30,708 square meters. The beach is partially equipped with reed umbrellas, chaises longues, sand quality is very good. Right next to the beach there are volleyball and football courts. Neptun resort has many beach bars and the beach is very lively (music and dancing). First aid and rescue services are available. A number of sea related activities can be organized, such as motor equipped or motor-less watercraft, hydro bike rides, the famous bananas, sky jets and small boats.


    The Olimp resort’s beach measures 49,003 square meters. The Olimp beach has small golfs, in the south there is also a tall cliff. The sand is very fine and clean, and sea water is excellent. This beach also has chaises longues and umbrellas. Children entertainment, sport fields and first aid are also to be found.



Why Not

    In the long summer nights in Neptune, tourists can relax and enjoy a walk on the Neptun promenade, between the to lakes that separates Jupiter Beach and Neptun Beach. Also during the night tourist can enjoy a night of partying in one of resort’s night clubs such as Disco Why Not. In the summer estival season, one can go to the many cultural events that are organized in the Summer Garden although the shows are only in romanian language.




    Having direct access from Doina Hotel, Doina clinic has gained in time the fully worth international reputation due to the efficiency of the treatments against rheumatism and the obtained results in treating certain conditions.
The Treatment Center was endowed with modern equipment, with bathroom fixture, showers, furniture, in a modern architectural vision, as a result of the renovation of the entire resort.
Everything is arranged so that you can spend a pleasant vacation and load yourself with energy and wellbeing.
Under the “ magical wand’ of the balneologists and the rheumatologists, assisted by the highly qualified medical personnel, The Treatment Center develops a series of complex treatment procedures:

  • Hydrotherapy (massage shower, underwater shower, water gymnastics, plant baths, aromatherapy, sulfur baths, mud baths)
  • Electrotherapy (ultrasound, Diadinamic, magnetodiaflux, nemectron, galvanic baths)
  • Dry massage
  • Micro sauna and infrared
  • Aerosols
  • Medical gymnastics
  • Wrapping with paraffin



      Green grass, comfort and quality make Neptune favorite place to spend the holidays for families with children. Luxury and quality are found everywhere: in restaurants, bars, clubs, discos, the multi-purpose sports fields, swimming pools, the Summer Theatre, amusement park, the water sports facilities or shops. Everything breathes elegance, no detail was overlooked. The restaurants offer the most diverse local and international cuisine, fish specialties and even folklore programs
Neptune is one of the best organized beaches on the coast competing successfully with beaches resort. The main beach is known as ‘The Flags’ and continue with the beach in Jupiter in the south and the Olympic beach in northern parttea but not communicate with one of Olympus which is separated from an area that belongs to the Romanian government. Neptune Beach Resort has an average width (30-100 m) with a good sand, clean water and many recreational opportunities and various services.