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National Center for Tourism Information and Promotion - Neptun-Olimp
Liberty Parade

    Thousands of young people participate each year in “Liberty Parade” organized specially designed stage on the beach between Venus and Saturn. Liberty Caravan kick off in Olimp resort, floating on the main roads Neptune, Jupiter and Venus. In trucks with revelers have played more live DJs, including DJ Saguna, Deeper DJ, DJ Seka, DJ Asher, DJ Parker, DJ and DJ Beaghy Menthol. Caravan participants competed in outfits that of spectacular and interacted in a pleasant way with tourists who admired him on the road throughout the route. 2015 Liberty Parade theme was: Transforming. By this concept to a new level last event, namely the creation of direct links with artists to the public, with the aim of better understanding the Electronic music. In the show, spectacular mixes were made between the live electronic music and light show and sound was gone “beyond was lived or imagined in Romania so far”.