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National Center for Tourism Information and Promotion - Neptun-Olimp

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    With hard work and imagination have created a place that can be called paradise summer, this place is Antik Terrace, one of the most beautiful terraces full of greenery, arranged in a more natural setting. Here, in this beautiful garden will invite you to taste the most delicious culinary specialties, carefully selected and our chefs with passion.   Pizza Antik pizza that tempts you to eat every day, prepared by specialists Pizzaria and not least a rich assortment of drinks that waiters our kind and preparation of high level they will recommend to co-ordinate menu .      With an experience of over 10 years in the field of tourism we managed to combine all the requirements of our clients, the company offers accommodation in three hotels in Jupiter, two terraces modern one in Neptun and the other in Saturn, a coffee club EFENDI in Neptune and two clubs Why Not respectively Saturn and the most famous club in southern litoaralului Why Not Neptune.